An honest recap and refresh - entering year two

An honest recap and refresh - entering year two

Well hello there friends.

As we're entering our second full financial year we've been busy recapping and planning. As some of you may know, 2022 was a tough personal year and when you have a small side hustle, whatever's happening in your real life tends to bleed over into work life too. 

We launched this little brand in September 2021 and much of our first 18 months was spent developing our products and honing our identity. We had planned to be a little further along with our offer and actions by now but life threw us a curve ball or two and in the words of Michael Scott we've had to 'adapt, react, readapt and apt' along the way. This business is just me (Annie) and Dave (my lovely guy) and our two adorable but useless rescue pups. We're entirely self taught at all this and also entirely self funded so we need to scale slowly and sustainably to ensure our store doesn't end up becoming an expensive hobby... 

When we launched we had big ambitions to create a community of UK based explorers and collectively have a net positive impact on this country's great outdoors, and that's our focus this year. 

We've got some exciting product plans in the works too but over the last few weeks we've spent most of our time reviewing our mission and our goals to ensure we're focused on those moving forward. 

We've got more journals coming in the next few weeks on our mission, the why and the how, but for now we're really excited to restart with a fresh plan and new ideas. 

We're hoping to create opportunities for you to be involved in making the outdoors more accessible and protecting it for generations to come. If that sounds good to you, make sure you sign up to our emails so you'll be the first to find out how you can get involved. 

But for now, happy exploring!

Annie & Dave 


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