Our mission

We want to leave it better than we found it. Our goal is to celebrate our collective love of the great outdoors whilst respecting and protecting it for generations to come.

A cause we care about

Every quarter we choose a UK based cause and donate 10% of profits to help them achieve their mission. We're only a small store but we hope to grow and with that increase the amount we're about to donate and the difference we're able to make. For now it might be tens of pounds, but we hope one day it's much more. 
We thought carefully about how we could leave it better than we found it, and whilst we know there are initiatives like planting trees with every order or donating 1%, we wanted to make a bigger difference to smaller causes in our home country. We enjoy the British great outdoors daily and want to do our bit to protect it for generations to come.
We know first hand how much the outdoors positively impacts our physical and mental wellbeing so we're  particularly interested in missions to improve and protect accessibility.
You'll find our cause of the quarter linked at the top of our home page, and we publish more information on their mission in our journal. We also encourage our community to get in touch with causes, either so they can be our cause of the quarter or so we can amplify their message to our community. 

Community Action

Individually we might be a drop in the ocean, but together we can make a big difference. As well as encouraging our community to care about causes through our quarterly donations, we also host community action days four times a year. 

Our actions days encourage people to get out and clear up the outdoors in their area on a designated day and in exchange we'll send you a product designed exclusively for those who take part. 

You can find out more about our action days, and when the next one is, in our journal. 

Our products & packaging

We wrestled for a while with whether we could open a store with minimal impact on our environment. Ultimately we decided that companies like Patagonia had demonstrated that it was possible to build a successful business whilst also caring for the environment. It's our dream to create products you love whilst also having our love of the great outdoors at the heart of everything we do. 

There are plenty of companies simply out to make money, we want to make great products that don't cost the earth - for you, or for the outdoors. 

On our product listings you'll find 'The Good Stuff' which is a list of the sustainability credentials for each item. We'll always be looking to improve and if you ever have any questions or suggestions, we're always open to them. 


Got a question, suggestion or a cause we should know about? Let us know below 

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